Working Test

Gundog Working Tests are competitions that artificially simulate shooting day conditions, in order to assess the working abilities of gundogs. Gundog Working Tests are effectively a simulated Field Trial, although our Working Test has subtle differences from other gundog events. Field Trials have been developed to test the working ability of gundogs in competitive conditions, and resemble, as closely as possible, a day’s shooting in the field including the use of live game. No live game is shot during a working test, but organisers can choose to use cold game.

The Kelmarsh Show’s Working Test is different in that it involves a compact test area, and is timed, rather than judged. This takes away the subjective nature of judging, which would be difficult to apply over the shorter format. The working test is one of our most fun and intense gundog events and really gives handlers the chance to show off the quality training that goes into a top class working gundog.

Gundog Working Test Prizes:
1st Place – £40 cash
2nd Place – £20 cash
3rd Place – £10 cash

Junior Prize – Goody bag from Muntjac Trading

Gundog Working Test Rules:

  • The dog must be sat unrestrained in the box. At no time shall you touch your dog
  • The clock starts when your dog crosses the line
  • All dummies will be delivered to hand. All four paws must be in the box before the dummy can be returned to hand and the clock will be stopped. It is a disqualification if this rule is not followed
  • There will be different scenarios of the working test and these will be changed on each day and at each event
  • If you retrieve any dummy in the wrong order, it will be a disqualification
  • There will be a 2 metre x 2 metre box for you and your dog to stand in
  • No bitches in season to enter the working test
  • At no time can your dog return to the box and be re-sent. This is a disqualification.
  • Any dog that runs in will be disqualified
  • Re-entry is permitted
  • If your dog leaves the arena it’s a disqualification
  • Any challenges to a decision needs to be made immediately after your run to the Gundog Organiser. Decisions cannot be altered after this.

** All dogs and owners are entered at their own risk.