The Lurcher is not an actual breed of dog but rather a type of dog, which usually has a member of the sighthound family for one of its parents. Sighthound breeds include the Greyhound, Whippet, Deerhound, Borzoi and Sluki. Other breeds commonly found within the family tree of a Lurcher include Border Collies and Bedlington Terriers.

This multiple crossing of breeds produces dogs that are exceptionally versatile in their use in the field. They are silent hunters, using exceptional speed and stamina to run down game, but they are also highly intelligent and make gentle, loyal companions.

The following Lurcher classes will be offered on each day at the Kelmarsh Show…


1. Rough Puppy (under 6 months old)
2. Smooth Puppy (under 6 months)
3. Rough Puppy (6 – 12 months)
4. Smooth Puppy (6 – 12 months)
5. Puppy Championship (Classes 1-4 qualify)

No pups to be shown in classes 6 – 15

6. Rough Dog (under 23″)
7. Rough Bitch (under 23″)
8. Smooth Dog (under 23″)
9. Smooth Bitch (under 23″)

10. Rough Dog (23″ – 26″)
11. Rough Bitch (23″ – 26″)
12. Smooth Dog (23″ – 26″)
13. Smooth Bitch (23″ – 26″)

14. Rough/Smooth Dog (over 26″)
15. Rough/Smooth Bitch (over 26″)

16. Working Lurcher
17. Bull Cross Dog/Bitch
18. Pair of Lurchers
19. Veteran Lurcher (over 7 years old)
20. Whippet Dog/Bitch
21. Pure Bred Dog/Bitch
22. Rabbiting Dog/Bitch (under 21″)
23. Child Handler (This class may be amalgamated into the terrier ring)

24. Championship (Winners of classes 6 to 15 inclusive)

All field events to take place in the mornings. Booking in for field events from 9.00am, to start as soon as first card is full.. simulated coursing, followed by all straight racing, over 23″, 23″ & under, under 21″, puppies (9-12months), whippets and terriers. Field events winners presentation 12.45pm approx at the entry tent.

Lurcher Show will commence on each day from 13.00pm approx

The winner of the championship on each day of the Kelmarsh Show will qualify for the Champion Of Champions Grand Final held during September

For more information please call Paddy Weaver of the Coursing Crew on 07737 765999.