The Showing and Racing Terrier and Lurcher events at the weekend’s Kelmarsh Show received a magnificent turnout!

Both competitors and spectators, along with their four-legged companions, flocked through the gates to earn their winning spots in the various competitive classes.

Whilst there was lots of competitive action from inside the Terrier and Lurcher Arena, the competitions also became a fantastic place for enthusiasts to catch up and meet like-minded individuals with a passion for this type of sport.

The next set of qualifying rounds in the Terrier and Lurcher events will be held at the Highclere Show over 26th and 27th May 2024. To book your tickets for the countryside attraction at Highclere Castle and get involved in all the Terrier and Lurcher events and activities click here.

Take a look at all the results from the Terrier and Lurcher events from the Kelmarsh Show below…

Terrier & Lurcher Results – 5th May 2024

Simulated Coursing Champion           Roe and F. Lamb

Simulated Coursing Reserve                Ruby and S. Ludlow


Over 26” Champion     Bryn and M. Curtis

Over 26” Reserve         Bailey and M. Curtis

Over 26” 3rd                  Boo and P. Hunter


Over 23” 

1st        Dash and S. Foster

2nd       Audi and D. Morris

3rd        Victor and S. Ludlow


23” & Under

1st        Kojo and M. Orr

2nd       Jute and M. Orr

3rd        Brennan and C. Bamford


Under 21”

1st        Dixie and M. Biss

2nd       Quatro and D. Morris

3rd        Lucy and K. Perett



1st        Sonny and P. Kuhn

2nd       Normen and T. Moody

3rd        Bullet and D. Glasspool



1st        Bee and D. Shaw

2nd       Duchess and P. Kuhn

3rd       Flare and T. Dimmock



1st        Dodger and C. Hathaway

2nd       Jake and Mr Biknell

3rd        Nudge and S. Twigger


Terrier Pup Champion            Clyde and S. Mason

Terrier Pup Reserve               Spell and D. Sykes


Terrier Champion                    Tonic and J. Ford

Terrier Reserve                       Vixen and V. Hulme


Lurcher Pup Champion           Boo and B. Murphy

Lurcher Pup Reserve               Rum and Ruben


Lurcher Champion                  Dash and S. Foster

Lurcher Reserve                     Vaila and D. Tomlinson

Whippet Champion                 Storm and T. Dimmock

Family Dog Champion            Lola and A. Yeowart



Terrier & Lurcher Results – 6th May 2024


Simulated Coursing Champion           Bird and M. Teague

Simulated Coursing Reserve               Zena and T. Woods



Over 26”

1st        Scamp and T. Clayton


Over 23”

1st        Rufus and G. Starling

2nd       Bird and M. Teague

3rd        Meg and V. Barker


23” & Under

1st      Kojo and M. Orr

2nd       Jute and M. Orr

3rd        Dixie and T. Pitts


Under 21”

1st        Cherry Pie and Bubble

2nd       Dixie and M. Biss

3rd        Poacher and B. J. Marvill



1st        Strike and E. Davenport

2nd       Jessie and I. Teggart

3rd        Storm and T. Dimmock


1st        Flare and T. Dimmock



1st        Tye and M. Cremin

2nd       Plum and N. Langton

3rd        Reg and M. Cremin


Terrier Pup Champion            Hobbs and T. Peacock

Terrier Pup Reserve                Stella and J. Holland


Terrier Champion                    Winnie and T. Peacock

Terrier Reserve                       Beatle and B. Holland


Lurcher Pup Champion           Rum and K. Starling

Lurcher Pup Reserve               BJ and T. Woods


Lurcher Champion                 Dilys and S. Hawkins

Lurcher Reserve                     Wynter and J. Sykes

Whippet Champion                 Storm and T. Dimmock

Family Dog Champion            Tor and E. McMahon

Family Dog Reserve.               Star and L. Roberts

For all of the latest news and results from all of the competitions from this year’s Kelmarsh Show, please check our news section on the this website as well as our Facebook page for more information.

 Let the adventures begin!