Last weekend’s Kelmarsh Show welcomed the ever-popular Gundog events to the stunning grounds of Kelmarsh Hall, where dogs and handlers battled it out on the field for those superb prizes.

Kindly organised by Hawcroft Gundogs and Monagea Gundogs and kindly sponsored by Muntjac Trading, the competition was fierce for the fantastic cash prizes up for grabs over the 9th & 10th April.

From the Long Retrieve, Up and Over and Short Fence to the Working Test and Juniors, there was some great gundog action taking place.

Well done to all the handlers and dogs who took part and got involved across the weekend!

Take a look at all the results from the Gundog events from the Kelmarsh Show below.

Sunday 9th April 2023

Long Retrieve

1st       Nala and Paul Burns                    16.78

2nd      Barley and Kate Cleary               19.22

3rd       Ralph and Damon Ross               19.25


Short Fence

1st       Nala and Paul Burns                             9.85

2nd      Ginny and David Wilkinson                10.09

3rd       Nancy and A Holland                           10.16


Up and Over

1st       Nala and Paul Burns                            15.56

2nd      Sky and Darren Dedicoat                      16.06

3rd       Nala and Paul Burns                             16.19


Working Test

1st       Fern and S Townsend                            1.16.63

2nd      Fern and S Townsend                          1.17.19

3rd       Grace and J. Welsh                                1.27.98



1st        Georgia Linfoot

2nd       Imogen Edwards



Monday 10th April 2023


Long Retrieve

1st       Skye and L Croft                           17.53

2nd      Willow and Sharon Stafford       17.85

3rd       Indie and Andrew Lines               18.47


Short Fence

1st       Ginny and H Carney                             10.06

2nd      Skye and L Croft                                   10.50

3rd       Ruby and S Draycott                            10.60


Up and Over

1st       Indie and A Lines                                 15.32

2nd      Pepper and H Carney                            15.68

3rd       Skye and L Croft                                    16.30


Working Test

1st       Ginny and H Carney                               2.20.96

2nd      Fern and P Dyson                                 2.31.62

3rd       Dern and S Townsend                          2.39.90



1st        Georgia Linfoot

2nd       A Dyson


Our next opportunity of competing in our Gundog Scurries will be at the Highclere Show over 28th and 29th May 2023. To book your tickets and get involved in all the Gundog activities click here.

For all of the latest news and results from all of the competitions from this year’s Kelmarsh Show, please check our news section on this website as well as our Facebook page for more information.

 Let the adventures begin!