Phoenix Gaming Club is a well-known wargaming club based in Rushden, Northamptonshire. The club was formed in 1997- this is our 26th year. We attend several events across the UK over the years and hold our own tournaments in Rushden at the Scouts Hall which is our HQ. 

At events we exhibit several participation miniature table top wargames which enables the General Public to have a go at maybe changing the course of history, reliving it or opting for a more fantasy-based scenario where you could be a dragon battling other dragons. Maybe scythe down undead minions in the specially built graveyard war board. A bit of second world war action is also in store.  For children and adults alike, you can come throw dice, chat with our members, engage in the history of the 2nd Punic wars or some medieval action. These games are very popular and its sometimes difficult for punters to move on to the next thing as they become engrossed in what we do. 

On offer at Kelmarsh this year are  

  1. Operation Varsity (24th March 1945) and Operation Plunder (23rd March 1945) This is a nice couple of Bolt Action supportive games that delve into the latter stages of the second world war where the British Paras and army are pushing across the River Rhine. The stalwart and stoic German Fallschirmjager and German army are defending the Fatherland. 
  1. Dragon Perch Wars.  Do you like dragons? Of course, everyone likes them! This game has been specially made by one of the members of The Phoenix Gaming Club and has its first outing here to be tested. Take charge of a magnificent dragon, knock the others off their perches and destroy them before they destroy you.  Then make for the big bad dragon – Infernalis who is holed up in a warded keep. A big dragon on dragon scenario. 
  1. Graveyard Mayem. Kings of War Ambush games; playing to defeat the Undead zombies and skeletons as they come out of their graves to wreak havoc on the living. This is a Sunday game only run by City Cloud Games of Rushden who recently took this to the Hammerhead Game show with our members. 
  1. DBA rules 2nd Punic Wars: Carthage and the Polybian Romans clash in a titanic Ancient Historical Battle. Whose side should you take? If you like elephants it has got to be the Carthaginians.  If your not keen on elephants and prefer the hardened steel and shielded organisation then maybe the Romans as their war machine prepares to buzz saw through the Carthage ranks. For Carthage it could be tramplingly good, for the Romans “Elephants make good eating”. De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) rules 
  1. Lion Rampant: Getting some medieval action here – like knights riding on the back of horses – lances out?… then this one is for you!  
  1. Fun Quick Games for the Younger years: Last year we had some fun with a few quick-fire games that appealed to the very young ….and old alike. Our resident 8-year-old master will take you through all of these. 
  1. Armada!! – Ahoy-there we are all at fanta-sea with a beautiful demo game exhibited by our friends at the Pit Gaming Shop. Steering orcish ships and blowing your enemies out of the water!! They will be in attendance for any of your gaming needs which you may like to purchase. They will have other side demo games too like Vanguard and Heroclix.  

At the Phoenix gaming Club, we play a lot of genres from Bolt Action (2nd world war), numerous ancient and medieval historical rules, Kings of War, Age of Sigmar, Underworlds, Warhammer 40K, Kill Team, Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit too), Burrows and Badgers, Vanguard, Frostgrave, Stargrave, The Walking Dead and far too many others to mention here. We also have members who play Roleplaying games (primarily D&D), boardgames of all types, and Magic the Gathering. 

The club meets on a Tuesday evening from 7pm to 11pm, in the Rushden Scout Hall behind Orbit Tyres in Rushden Northamptonshire. Pop down for chat some time and roll some dice!  

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