Long Retrieve

The Long Retrieve Gundog Scurry is all about speed. Although it looks easy, your dog needs speed, stamina and a good memory to mark the long retrieve and bring it back fast. This is one of the most visually spectacular of our gundog scurries, and gives you a great perspective on the vast distances over which gundogs are expected to work.
As you would expect, this long distance gundog scurry usually favours the retriever breeds, simply because they have longer legs! However, some pretty fast times have been posted by tenacious spaniels over the years.

Long Retrieve Gundog Scurry Prizes (on each day):

1st Place – £40 cash
2nd Place – £20 cash
3rd Place – £10 cash

Junior Prize – Goody Bag from Muntjac Trading

Long Retrieve Gundog Scurry Rules:

  • A single dummy will be fired from a dummy launcher
  • The dog must be sat unrestrained, off the lead in the marked box area any dog that runs in will be disqualified
  • Send your dog only when the timekeeper tells you to, the Clock will start when the dog crosses the line, any dog that runs in will be disqualified
  • At no time is the dog allowed to return to the box and be resent, this is a disqualification
  • The dummy must be delivered to hand and all four paws in the marked box area before the clock will be stopped
  • The dog that retrieves the dummy in the fastest time wins
  • If your dog leaves the scurry arena it’s a disqualification
  • No bitches to be run in season
  • The judges decision is final
  • Re-entry is permitted
  • Any challenges to a decision needs to be made immediately after your run to the Gundog Organiser. Decisions cannot be altered after this.

** All dogs and owners are entered at their own risk.