Prince Albert Angling Society

Back in 1954 a group of friends and match anglers regularly met at the Prince Albert Pub in Newton Street Macclesfield, Cheshire. In those days their fishing was confined to South Park Pool, the Macclesfield Canal, Rudyard Lake and Bosley Reservoir. They fished either on day tickets or as guests of one of the big fishing clubs of the day. Eventually one of their number came up with the idea that they should form a team and fishing club under the banner of the Prince Albert, although at that stage they could only fish matches and day ticket waters. This led to the idea that they should club together and rent a water of their own.

Their first opportunity was to acquire the Brick Pond on Barracks Lane, they each put in to the fund what they could afford and the deal went through and on 19th August 1954 the Prince Albert Angling Society was born. Over the subsequent years many other waters were added to the portfolio, Crabtree Moss was next followed by Birtles Old Hall, Irongates, the River Dane at Hulme Walfield Old Hall and Manor Farm at Middlewich and the Serpentine at Alderley Park. Prince Albert then became affiliated to County Palatine, Cheshire Anglers and Northwich and District Anglers. The rest has, as they say, passed into the history of angling.

From those humble beginnings the Prince Albert Angling Society has grown to be the largest and most successful fishing club in Europe today boasting a portfolio of over 230 waters, a membership of over 8,500 and a waiting list approaching 2500.