Kyle Sharpe

I’ve been practising falconry for a number of years now. Son of a passionate naturalist and falconer, I’ve been inspired to learn and practice the ancient techniques since childhood. I practice my falconry with different species of raptors, using different techniques. Throughout the spring and summer, I fly falcons in my own time for pleasure to a lure, sometimes doing displays with them, such as these years show at Kelmarsh. Throughout the winter I fly various hawks and practice falconry in its truest and purist form of the definition. This year I’ll be flying my Peregrine X American Kestrel hybrid, ‘47’. Despite her micro size, she has a huge personality and often causes mischief when the centre of attention. A nightmare for myself trying to showcase her speed and agility, she may sit upon one of the marquees mocking me, much to everyone else’s enjoyment. I may possibly be flying ‘Zally’ my Gyr X peregrine X Aplomado Falcon tri-bred too. It all depends if she will be ready in time for her weekend appearance! Hope to see you there and talk about falconry today and the wonderful array of Birds of Prey we will be showcasing as part of the Falconry and Raptor Fair.